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I watched some old episodes for 5th doctor icons and had to cap this. Even when I'm somehow able to bypass the over the top acting and the overly staged direction, the ancient special effects are horribly jarring and I end up chuckling at what should be life threatening moments for the Doctor and his companions. And somehow the 80's effects are sillier than the 60's effects.


Hasn't stopped me from watching though. XD
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...You has a Doctor-Donna giggling mood icon. That is glorious! :D

I sometimes wonder that seeing as that was state of the art 30 years ago, what are we going to think about the current wave of special effects in another 30 years time? Hell, looking back at CGI from only a few years ago (and some stuff that's being produced now too) can be rather cringeworthy sometimes.
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I'm actually questioning as to whether some of those special effects were 'state of the art' nearly 30 years ago. They might be to 'within their budget' but I dunno. This scene where he catches the cricket ball in space (which was such a cool way of saving himself I might add, even if the effects were bloody awful) couldn't have been state of the art in 1982. Surely? I mean was Star Trek, Buck Rodgers or Battlestar Galactica that bad? I don't remember because I haven't even seen the latter two for about 30 years either. XD Maybe they were. It's not like they had Star Wars's budget.
But saying that, you are right. Watching the first Toy Story now, the animation looks dated and it used to look so amazing.

I love these mood icons, must've taken the person who did it ages though.
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80s Star Trek was pretty rough. Even TNG was embarrassing at times. Especially when you can recognize a redressed set between one episode and another. XD


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