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May. 23rd, 2010 12:32 pm
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I abandoned writing Bleach journal entries for a while simply because of the sheer let down of the recent chapters. Moments that should have been epic such as the long awaited return of both Urahara and Yoruichi respectively were majorly disappointing.
However, I liked this chapter so it gets a journal entry.

Aizen was revealed he has the Hogyoku inside him. This was no surprise. It's changed him into this:

He's neither cool looking or intimidating. I'm pretty sure if the hero characters weren't trying to protect the whole world from the crazy man they would point and laugh. I know I did.
Anyway, he tells them he's going to 'destroy their hope'. Because they dare to have some. I do too. As long as the sexy drawing known as Kurosaki Isshin stands I have hope. With Shinji's defeat he is now the main reason I'm still reading this damn kids manga.

Isshin, Urahara and Yoruichi then glare seriously.

Of the millions of Bleach characters these are three of my favourites. (After Shinji) Because of this I really should not have lost enthusiasm reading Bleach, yet I did. Plot might just save it yet, but I'm having doubts. If these guys don't make me burn with enthusiasm nothing will.
Anyway, they're looking serious. These three usually joke a lot. I like the jokey ones. But then they are in a SITUATION.

Meanwhile Ichigo is stood behind them. Still looking like this: O.O

At the end of the last chapter Yoruichi made an appearance wearing giant extra-strong boots and gloves made by Urahara. These were made to enable her to properly kick the shit out of Aizen's tough 'hierro' (skin/hide/whatever). One of her boots broke.

There is then a slightly forced 'comedy' scene in which it's implied that Urahara thinks Yoruichi lost her 'focus' (or 'slacked off' depending on the translation).

Yoruichi retaliates that Urahara lost his focus/slacked off while he was building them and that's why they broke.
It's supposed to be funny but it's not particularly, however since it is actually conversation and not yet another fucking fight scene it's at least a bit of a relief. Plus Urahara/Yoruichi interactions are always nice.
Aizen then comments that there was something special if she survived his attack.
Yoruichi says it's her legs. Her legs are special.

This is probably my favourite panel this chapter.
Or possibly this, one of the few Isshin ones:

In the other translation the shouty bubble that says his nose is painful to look at reads: "Ow my nose!" I have no idea.
Anyway, that's his response to Yoruichi's leg.

Then Aizen rambles on about it not mattering what is special, he only needs to hit Yoruichi three more times (meaning the remaining boot and gloves) to destroy that 'specialness'. Thereby indicating Yourichi's legs aren't special. Yoruichi has fantastic legs. If Aizen paid more attention to the lovely legs of the pretty ladies around him perhaps he wouldn't have the need to fill his empty life with dull time consuming attempts to rule the world. Or whatever he's doing. He's taking so damn long about it I've actually forgotten his goal. Something to do with a 'key' and Soul Society. Whatever.

Aizen then goes to attack. Urahara asks Yoruichi if she can take him. Yoruichi's all 'who the fuck do you think you're talking to? As long as I don't use my left leg I'll be fine'. In the standard cocky way they all behave in Bleach. She does rock though. She's the toughest and coolest female in Bleach by a long shot. I'm gonna be so pissed off when she is inevitably defeated. Female characters aren't allowed to be the best in Japanese boys comics. I have a horrible feeling she'll fall before Urahara and Isshin do. Fucking hell. I'd really love to be proven wrong though.
Aizen lunges in superquickness:

Annoyingly Yoruichi seems unprepareed even though she knew he was coming. I don't really get that, unless we're supposed to be uber surprised by Aizen's speed. Anyway, after this there is a 'heavy blow/explosion type panel'. I'm assuming he's destroyed the other boot or a glove. We don't get to see. I'm sure Yoruichi isn't down yet. She's too tough/quick. Plus she only got there last chapter.

It then cuts back to our protagonist. Ichigo is still watching like: O.o
Gin then appears behind Ichigo:

Gin then typically fucks with Ichigo's head a little. As bad guys go I find Gin way scarier than Aizen. He's my favourite bad guy without a doubt.

Gin tells Ichigo to sit and watch. He says he didn't know Aizen had taken the hogyoku into himself and that he's never seen Aizen like that before. He says there's nothing they can do and that:

Some Gin fans think Gin is a secret good guy. And to that I reply with: LOL

In typical hero style Ichigo responds with:

Then Ichigo points out that they don't know what will happen to Aizen like that and says he could even attack Gin. Somehow, and I don't get it, maybe something lost in the translation or bad writing, I dunno, somehow Gin concludes that by saying that Ichigo has given in.

So Gin then decides he'll kill Ichigo instead of letting Aizen do it.
Gin then attacks Ichigo twice with two shikai type attacks which sounded fancier than they actually were. Ichigo dodges and then:

Turns Hollow. So it could get a bit more interesting as regards Ichigo now, we'll see. Though it will be more bloody fighting.

Then it cuts to a semi conscious Lieutenant Kira. I was interested to see how he was doing. It seems he's healed Rangiku, another of my favourites (and one of my top 3 females along with Hiyori and Yoruichi) who is now running off in search of Gin. She and Gin have a HISTORY. I'm curious as to what is going to happen regarding this. Could there be some forthcoming character development or plot? Dear god, I hope so.

In other manga news. I've stopped reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn! for now. It is also constant battles and even worse: dull as fuck idiot female characters. I'll miss Ryohei though so I'll probably end up going back to read it online at some point.

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