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Dear Bleach,

I've been holding on so long. Clinging by my fingernails, but I think I may have to finally stop reading you. The fighting by numbers used to grate, then chafe and now scores deep incisions. How many more times must Ichigo fight some inner weirdo to constantly grow stronger. How many shikai, bankai, super duper uber bankai's can one guy have?
How many more beautifully designed characters that start out so interesting and promising will all of a sudden face a brick wall in personality development and then be reduced to canon fodder?
How often will amusing characters with funny and eccentric personalities suddenly become nothing but frightened damsels in distress?
Bleach, I'm bored. I'm really really bored.
I understand you're simply shonen battle manga and that I shouldn't be expecting much, but 1. you started out so well and 2. kids aren't stupid. It doesn't have to be this way!
Also, the machismo. Jeez. Okay. I get it. Big tough dude is tough. So is that one. And that one. And that one. I get it. But I'm choking on testosterone here. There's so much surrounding me I think I might be growing a beard. And this is coming from a girl who likes to play video games and spent the first twenty six years of her life reading superhero comics. It's not like I'm a stranger to a bit of machismo. Just give it a rest. I GET IT. Isshin shows fatherly love for Ichigo by insulting him and smashing his face in at every opportunity. Yes, very tough. Very hard. Very manly. But you're making me hate Isshin, a character I used to adore.

One last request before I go. Plot? Please?
I might check back in a month or two, but don't hold your breath.

Love Loolaa
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