Dec. 17th, 2010

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A few Misfits fans again getting all het up by alleged gross sexism in Misfits again because of ep 6. I can't be bothered to get annoyed. Just because a character in a TV show does or says something sexist it doesn't make the TV show or the writer sexist. It simply means he's written a sexist character. If the writer shows the other characters being repulsed or disapproving then presumably the writer is not allowing blatant sexism or harassment to go by with out comment.
Newsflash! Sexist people exist. I don't want them hidden, I want them ridiculed on TV.

Yes, after Daisy refused to heal Nathan's cock Nathan was horribly inappropriate and attempted to stick her hand down his pants. Yes. It is sexual harassment, I agree. But that doesn't mean Misfits is misogynist. Throughout the last 12 episode Nathan has been consistently shown as being a complete dick. Almost everything he does and says is hugely inappropriate and demonstrates what a prick he is. We're not meant to approve of what he says and does because while he's a hilarious character he's not meant to be someone you'd want to know in real life. I love his character but if I knew someone like him in real life I'd fucking hate them.

Too many fans are crushing on actors to the point of imagining character traits that don't exist or obsessing about their favourite fucking 'ships' that they can't actually see the plot and characters right in front of their noses.
(I mean one commenter actually said she misses the 'compassionate' Nathan from Season 1. WHEN THE FUCK was Nathan compassionate in season 1? If anything it's the other way around, but I would never describe Nathan as compassionate.)

Nathan is funny. But he is a twat. He would stick Daisy's hand on his cock. Because he was desperate to be healed and he is a dick. But that doesn't mean the fucking writer or the programme makers would do the same thing, or that they're endorsing it, fan-morons.

Also. Nathan behaves inappropriately regardless of gender. I mean, he turned to Curtis at the urinal and said: "Nice cock, man." Which was highly amusing but pretty evident he doesn't particularly discriminate. Imagine the uproar if he turned to Alisha and said: "Nice vag, man."

Nathan is crude, but Curtis and Simon balance it out by not being crude. The show is not fucking sexist. I don't even think Nathan is particularly sexist, he's just a wanker.


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