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I'm kind of baffled by a large element of the Misfits fandom. It's bewildering me that all of a sudden after a hunky future-Simon shows up fangirls are suddenly squeeing all over the place about how lovely he is.  Everyone seems to have completely forgotten that in series one he:
1. Stuck his hand up a semi-unconscious Kelly's skirt.
2. Spied on the girls while they were getting changed. And sniffed them.
3. Stalked the second probation worker, Sally, by actually going into her house while he was invisible and watched her eat, get undressed and even filmed her sleeping.
4. Sure he accidentally killed Sally (I'm not including that since it was an accident and Kelly killed the first one), but then he munched pizza while gazing at her propped up dead frozen body in a way that was decidedly creepy.

Sure you could put a lot of that down to him being a horny young male. And a lonely and socially inept one at that. Fine. BUT, call me uptight, but I would not easily forget that creepy moment he stuck his hand up Kelly's skirt when she was alone and vulnerable. The contrast between Simon doing that and Curtis giving her his jacket kind of says it all.

Also, I'm not including it since it's his own private fantasy and we've all got them. But when Alisha used her 'power' he did say he wanted to 'rip off her clothes and piss on her tits'. Which is just ugh. And the armpit thing. When future-Simon and Alisha were getting it on all I could think was "Fucking hell, I hope he doesn't piss on her tits, that'll really spoil the mood." It sort of spoiled any romance for me. Even if it does appear genuine on the surface.

And on top of all this:
5. I don't like the way future Simon manipulated Alisha into the romance by claiming that they fall in love. There's only his word on that. If he even is Simon anyway. Her 'power' has been a curse, she finds someone she can safely touch she's going to love that and he's taken advantage of that too.

That said. I like Simon. He's a good character, like all of them. XD I just hate the way the fangirls are all "Ohhh Simon's so SWEET and WONDERFUL." Seriously? What? I adore every one of these characters, but they're no fucking angels. They have massive flaws and Simon is no exception. No one was saying he was SO SWEET when he was being a creepy little bastard.

/end rant

Date: 2010-12-08 05:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] randomgirl666.livejournal.com
This is why I'm staying the hell away from fandom. In fact, you've reminded me to unjoin that Doctor Who community. If it's not mentally unbalanced fangirls squeeing over everything, it's shitty fanfic or pseudo-intellectuals writing essays on non-existent problems like Doctor Who not having gay people in every episode or Misfits having female characters talk about male characters occasionally.

Having said that, I do have a mini-crush on the actor who plays Simon, because he's fucking brilliant. But I get lady hard-ons for good actors (see also: Simm, Tenant, Michael C Hall, etc)

Date: 2010-12-08 06:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] loolaa.livejournal.com
Part of me really wants to get involved with the misfits (and Doctor Who) fandom the same way I was/am involved with a part of the tmnt fandom. But I just know that after a few politely subdued posts I'd just end up making snarky wtf are you smoking? type comments.
Yeah, I linked in my journal to one of the pseudo intellectual posts. When I started to read it it sounded interesting but when I got round to reading the whole thing properly it just devolved into that whole Bechel test thing which is the most basic of all basic 'feminist tests.' I don't get why people think they need a test to decipher whether the women in a tv show or film are well rounded characters anyway. They should be able to tell by watching it.

It's the "ships" that REALLY bug me though. The Misfits fandom was nice before future Simon came along now it's everyone and their mum squealing over future!simon and Alisha's adorable OTP or whatever.
Way to ruin a plot twist for me. Now I'm actually dying for him to be evil. Or it turning out he was that Lucy shapeshifter girl from a past episode just to to fuck it all up for the fangirls. If only.

I'm actually really glad that the misfits com has separated into three coms so the main one now only posts news so the relentless shipper fics and shipper picspams are relegated to two new separate communities. I almost cheered when I read that. I was getting sick of wading through endless sugarcoated twee to find something interesting.

How the fuck can people make a programme like Misfits into sugar coated twee?

And the Simon actor dude is an amazingly good actor.


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