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A few Misfits fans again getting all het up by alleged gross sexism in Misfits again because of ep 6. I can't be bothered to get annoyed. Just because a character in a TV show does or says something sexist it doesn't make the TV show or the writer sexist. It simply means he's written a sexist character. If the writer shows the other characters being repulsed or disapproving then presumably the writer is not allowing blatant sexism or harassment to go by with out comment.
Newsflash! Sexist people exist. I don't want them hidden, I want them ridiculed on TV.

Yes, after Daisy refused to heal Nathan's cock Nathan was horribly inappropriate and attempted to stick her hand down his pants. Yes. It is sexual harassment, I agree. But that doesn't mean Misfits is misogynist. Throughout the last 12 episode Nathan has been consistently shown as being a complete dick. Almost everything he does and says is hugely inappropriate and demonstrates what a prick he is. We're not meant to approve of what he says and does because while he's a hilarious character he's not meant to be someone you'd want to know in real life. I love his character but if I knew someone like him in real life I'd fucking hate them.

Too many fans are crushing on actors to the point of imagining character traits that don't exist or obsessing about their favourite fucking 'ships' that they can't actually see the plot and characters right in front of their noses.
(I mean one commenter actually said she misses the 'compassionate' Nathan from Season 1. WHEN THE FUCK was Nathan compassionate in season 1? If anything it's the other way around, but I would never describe Nathan as compassionate.)

Nathan is funny. But he is a twat. He would stick Daisy's hand on his cock. Because he was desperate to be healed and he is a dick. But that doesn't mean the fucking writer or the programme makers would do the same thing, or that they're endorsing it, fan-morons.

Also. Nathan behaves inappropriately regardless of gender. I mean, he turned to Curtis at the urinal and said: "Nice cock, man." Which was highly amusing but pretty evident he doesn't particularly discriminate. Imagine the uproar if he turned to Alisha and said: "Nice vag, man."

Nathan is crude, but Curtis and Simon balance it out by not being crude. The show is not fucking sexist. I don't even think Nathan is particularly sexist, he's just a wanker.

Date: 2010-12-18 02:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] randomgirl666.livejournal.com
I've only just seen this week's episode and I was fucking blown away by how good at this. But the stuff you're talking about gets to the root of what fandom is all about. I fucking love Misfits, but internet fandom isn't necessarily about loving something. It's about obsession, which is why you get people who hate the show as much as they love it posting pseudo-intellectual flawed analysis like you describe.

If I'd been a psychology student, I could have wrote a dozen dissertations on the psychology of fandom. Yes, I've been caught up in it more than once, and I cringe when I look back on it. I remember feeling personally betrayed when I didn't like the seventh series of Buffy, but at least I was able to say "oh well, I'll just quit watching" and remember how much I liked the other series. Whereas thousands of other people were still going online to say how much they hated it each week. You see similar shit going on with Doctor Who fans who don't like the Moffat era, which is part of why I've unjoined those communities.

This is the thing about fandom: at it's best, it has so much love for whatever book/film/TV show it's concerned with, and sometimes you'll get brilliant people who love it but can still have a sense of humour about it. On the other hand, it takes a special kind of love for something to really fucking hate it as well.

The truth is, to give any reasoned analysis of something you have to detach yourself from it somewhat. And fans can't do that. Which is why Misfits writers get labelled as misogynist, Amy Pond is labelled an attempted rapist and Steven Moffat is labelled a homophobe. And in Buffy, when a character ACTUALLY attempts to rape another, revisionist fans decide it isn't attempted rape after all because even though they call themselves fans, they actually despise the central character so much that they believe she brought it on herself.

Let me just repeat that for emphasis. A good portion of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fans hate Buffy so much, they believe it's her own fault she was nearly raped. It's not healthy to obsess about something so much.

I fucking love these shows. I mean I could probably write a 3000 page essay on just the look and feel of Misfits alone. Whoever came up with the idea of setting a show on a depressing, grey council estate and then putting our protagonists in orange jumpsuits against that backdrop.... I know fuck all about art, but that is fucking genius. And I can understand the urge to participate collectively in something that arouses that kind of admiration. But if you have to deal with people who fucking despise the show as much as they love it... is it really worth it?

Date: 2010-12-21 02:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] loolaa.livejournal.com
Thing is, the ones who seemingly hate it, claim to love it. They behave like knobs because the writers don't do what they want them to.
Though I've always been a big fan of Buffy I was never involved in the fandom. In fact the only fandom I've ever been involved in is the Ninja Turtles one and when I first got into it before the 2004 cartoon and new film it was still a pretty small fandom. Most people were cool. There wasn't the same shit in that fandom that I've recently discovered is in every other fucking fandom I've more recently taken interest in.

Amy an attempted rapist? Seriously? For fucks sake.
And the whole Buffy rape thing, I can't even, that mentality is well out of order. At the time the later seasons were airing I wasn't keen on Buffy's character but fucking hell how can they believe it was her fault?! That's scary.
Re-watching those later seasons back to back I like Buffy though. I even like season 7 better than I did.

Visually Misfits is fucking incredible. Also, Misfits is the first TV show/film I've ever seen in which the kids actually talk like and behave like real teenagers.

I suppose all the fandom idiots have done me a favour, they stop me spending too much time on the internet. If they didn't piss me off so much I'd probably spend more time interacting on the internet.

When I've seen them all I think I'm gonna stay the fuck away from the Dexter fandom. God knows what sort of shit some crazy obsessives will come out with.

Date: 2010-12-27 09:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] loolaa.livejournal.com
I have also left the doctor who comm. After the Christmas special I can't cope with the whining and the Moffatt bashing.
If they don't like Doctor Who then why don't they just stop watching it already.
I loved the Christmas special. So I just really don't want to bother with people pedantically picking tiny fucking holes in it.

This year was me dipping my toes in other fandoms that aren't ninja turtles. I wish I'd never bothered.

Date: 2010-12-28 10:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] randomgirl666.livejournal.com
Don't even get me started. I had a quick look on Boxing Day when curiosity got the better of me and it left me wanting to tear my eyeballs out. My favourite stupid comment was from someone who objected to the flying fish on the grounds that they should have been referred to alien-type creatures who just happened to look like fish, because this is more science-fictiony. As if there is anything less awesomely science-fictiony than a flying shark. Fucking MORONS.


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