Feb. 7th, 2011 11:24 am
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I've started to replay FF13 just for the hell of it.
Vanille is a lot less annoying on the second play through. Now that I know she's from Pulse from day one it's easier to sympathise with her. Her over the top cheerfulness is just her putting on a brave face due to the constant "People from Pulse are scum" remarks. Poor kid.
Soon as I got control of the Battle Team command I switched it so I'm fighting with all three girls and I haven't looked back. Even though it means going without the Haste and Protect spells. The only male character I like is Sazh. I don't even bother upgrading Snow's and Hope's abilities or weapons. Because I hate them.
The girls are more fun to play anyway and their character design is a lot more interesting. Vanille is cute as fuck and Lightening and Fang are too cool for words.

So yeah, I'm enjoying 13 more on this second play through. The story is making more sense too. And the weapon upgrading thing isn't as much of a pain as it was on my first play through either. On my first playthrough I managed to make it to the final boss without coming close to mastering anyone's weapons or accessories once though. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.
Still don't like the restrictions on exploring the world map and the severe lack of side quests though. Side quests make a Final Fantasy game. Still, it's way better than the dull FF12 characters and even more boring FF12 story. And I don't really care about the love story between Snow and Serah. I don't care. The part of the storyline that tugs on my heartstrings is Sazh looking for his son. I already know what happens and I'm still bursting into tears on his behalf while I'm rolling my eyes at Snow and his BLOODY ANNOYING 'your hero's coming to save you Serah'. Fuck off Snow you dick.
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