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Thought Bubble Festival Leeds was a really fun comic convention. I’ve only ever been to two before, the Con in Birmingham. I went to the Birmingham International one about three or four years ago. And a manga/anime one in Leicester, Alcon, about two years ago. Both were enjoyable but I didn’t feel the same way as I have after leaving Thought Bubble. I didn’t want Thought Bubble to end and I can’t wait until next years, while I had no interest in returning to the Birmingham Con or Alcon. Thought Bubble is smaller than the Birmingham Int. and London Expo but still fairly big. What was so brilliant about it was all the small press. It was amazing. It was so friendly and while there were tables owned by specialist comic shops that sold the usual manga and Marvel and DC, most of the tables were small press stuff. It was SO FRIENDLY. I met some brilliant people and spent a fortune on comics. Some of which I’m going to mention in my journal as I read through them and pick out the best ones I bought. Everything I bought was small press or small publishing companies. The quality and talent on display was wow... I was flabbergasted for want of a better word. There are some amazing creators in the UK.
I know it sounds twee but there was quite a 'family astmosphere'. I'm usually shy and a little afraid to approach people but I didn't feel that way at all, for once. Everyone was so encouraging and sharing of ideas, techniques, giving suggestions on how to make comics/advertise/print. Next year I’m hoping to book a table myself, provided I get enough stuff together.
I had so much fun I even forgot to go to the first panel I had my eye on.

The first artist I’ll mention is Elena Barbarich who I met on the conference days I mentioned in my last journal entry. I only spoke to her briefly, but she gave me a card for her website. I meant to check out her table on Saturday but I went to the bank to get more money and then was distracted and didn’t go back and I’ve been kicking myself ever since. I would have liked to buy one of her books. But her comic ‘Sister Claire: Pregnant Nun, Holy Crap!’ is online. www.sisterclaire.com/comic/chapter-1-comic/coming-soon/ Yay! And it’s brilliant and I recommend you take a look.
Don’t be misled by the cute Powerpuff Girls influenced style. It’s funny and kicks arse. Um… just like the Powerpuff  Girls. But really. It’s very good!

Couple of images from Sister Claire behind here. :) )


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