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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories came in the post today. It was originally made for the Wii which I don't have so I've got the PS2 port. I'm sure all the grabby stuff and waving torch around stuff is a lot of fun on the Wii. It's a remake 're-imagining' of Silent Hill (1). So it involves Harry looking for his little girl, Cheryl.
It's okay so far. I'm still fairly early on. I preferred the early stages of SH:Homecoming. Not much creepy has happened yet. I've captured a few mildly creepy things on Harry's mobile, but nothing that has sent chills down me like all the other games. And the atmosphere isn't creepy so far either.
I'm a bit bewildered by this SH otherworld being ice. I'm assuming it's plot related, but I don't know why yet. It's nowhere near as scary as the blood and rust otherworld of the other SH's.
In Shattered Memories you can't fight the creatures that come out to attack you. You have to shake them off and run. Right now they are currently irritating more than scaring me. In the other SH's when I'm attacked I get really involved and I'm all 'ohno!ohno!ohno!'  I've just walked away from it because I'm finding the whole thing really annoying. I'm running away and getting lost and wishing I could just beat the shit out of them with a crowbar.  But I can't I have to run. And avoid them. And find my way out. *sigh*
I get it's survival horror, running away is an appropriate thing to do in SH when the protagonist is some ordinary Joe. But this is really annoying me. The combat of SH: Homecoming is forgiven. I ended up enjoying that in the end. Maybe I'll end up loving this too? I dunno.

SH fans hated Homecoming and love this. So far I'm loving Homecoming more. But there are nice touches. It's nice to have the phone. It's nice that it's a bit different. At least they're trying new things.

The psychiatrist sessions are great too. I'm looking forward to seeing how those pan out.

I miss the blood and rust and chain link fences though.
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