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Almost everyone posting in the comments section seem to be hating on E4 and Howard Overman because Robert Sheehan is leaving Misfits so soon there will be no Nathan. I like Nathan and I'll miss his character but god, I wish they'd get some perspective. The writer is there. Y'know, the one that wrote all of Nathan's lines. Duh. If they can get an actor as good as Robert Sheehan then what's the problem? Fucks sake I wish people would watch stuff before they started bitching. They haven't even started filming yet.

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I need to tell you about Resonance of Fate. I have to. I love it so much. It's been a long time since a game has grabbed me tight and refused to let go from the off. Not since I played Mario 64 for the first time and I used to get up an hour early just so I could play it before work. Not since my first Silent Hill (2) or my first Final Fantasy (10). Not since my beloved Ico and Eternal Darkness. I cannot say how much I love this game. I'm only on chapter five but I need to babble about it.Babbling and a couple of pics ahoy )


Feb. 7th, 2011 11:24 am
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I've started to replay FF13 just for the hell of it.
Vanille is a lot less annoying on the second play through. Now that I know she's from Pulse from day one it's easier to sympathise with her. Her over the top cheerfulness is just her putting on a brave face due to the constant "People from Pulse are scum" remarks. Poor kid.
Soon as I got control of the Battle Team command I switched it so I'm fighting with all three girls and I haven't looked back. Even though it means going without the Haste and Protect spells. The only male character I like is Sazh. I don't even bother upgrading Snow's and Hope's abilities or weapons. Because I hate them.
The girls are more fun to play anyway and their character design is a lot more interesting. Vanille is cute as fuck and Lightening and Fang are too cool for words.

So yeah, I'm enjoying 13 more on this second play through. The story is making more sense too. And the weapon upgrading thing isn't as much of a pain as it was on my first play through either. On my first playthrough I managed to make it to the final boss without coming close to mastering anyone's weapons or accessories once though. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.
Still don't like the restrictions on exploring the world map and the severe lack of side quests though. Side quests make a Final Fantasy game. Still, it's way better than the dull FF12 characters and even more boring FF12 story. And I don't really care about the love story between Snow and Serah. I don't care. The part of the storyline that tugs on my heartstrings is Sazh looking for his son. I already know what happens and I'm still bursting into tears on his behalf while I'm rolling my eyes at Snow and his BLOODY ANNOYING 'your hero's coming to save you Serah'. Fuck off Snow you dick.


Jan. 26th, 2011 08:31 am
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This article makes me look forward to the game even more.


And while I'm at it I may as well post the link to the trailer because I love watching it. I'm REALLY excited about this Silent Hill game. It looks extremely promising.

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There is going to be a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 like there was with Final Fantasy X. The trailer shows the end of the previous game and then some new stuff. Lightening is in it and a new character, a possible enemy. No idea about the other characters.


But what is depressing me is that the bitching about it has already started. This game isn't even completed. We have a cryptic one minute long  trailer and people are already saying that it shouldn't be made/it will be shit/all new final fantasy games suck. For every positive comment I've read there are a load more negative ones. What is it about the internet and negativity?
I could understand if the game was out, people had played it and thought it was shit. Fine. But all we have is 1 minute and no other info.
Sure there were better FF games than XIII. But there were worse. It's just a matter of personal taste. And yes X-2 gets plenty of hate. Personally I loved X-2's campiness and the fact it didn't take itself as seriously as the other games. It was fun. Other people hated it, sure. At least they came to that conclusion by playing it or knowing something about it.

The internet is really pissing me off lately, and yet I can't keep away from it.
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A few Misfits fans again getting all het up by alleged gross sexism in Misfits again because of ep 6. I can't be bothered to get annoyed. Just because a character in a TV show does or says something sexist it doesn't make the TV show or the writer sexist. It simply means he's written a sexist character. If the writer shows the other characters being repulsed or disapproving then presumably the writer is not allowing blatant sexism or harassment to go by with out comment.
Newsflash! Sexist people exist. I don't want them hidden, I want them ridiculed on TV.

Yes, after Daisy refused to heal Nathan's cock Nathan was horribly inappropriate and attempted to stick her hand down his pants. Yes. It is sexual harassment, I agree. But that doesn't mean Misfits is misogynist. Throughout the last 12 episode Nathan has been consistently shown as being a complete dick. Almost everything he does and says is hugely inappropriate and demonstrates what a prick he is. We're not meant to approve of what he says and does because while he's a hilarious character he's not meant to be someone you'd want to know in real life. I love his character but if I knew someone like him in real life I'd fucking hate them.

Too many fans are crushing on actors to the point of imagining character traits that don't exist or obsessing about their favourite fucking 'ships' that they can't actually see the plot and characters right in front of their noses.
(I mean one commenter actually said she misses the 'compassionate' Nathan from Season 1. WHEN THE FUCK was Nathan compassionate in season 1? If anything it's the other way around, but I would never describe Nathan as compassionate.)

Nathan is funny. But he is a twat. He would stick Daisy's hand on his cock. Because he was desperate to be healed and he is a dick. But that doesn't mean the fucking writer or the programme makers would do the same thing, or that they're endorsing it, fan-morons.

Also. Nathan behaves inappropriately regardless of gender. I mean, he turned to Curtis at the urinal and said: "Nice cock, man." Which was highly amusing but pretty evident he doesn't particularly discriminate. Imagine the uproar if he turned to Alisha and said: "Nice vag, man."

Nathan is crude, but Curtis and Simon balance it out by not being crude. The show is not fucking sexist. I don't even think Nathan is particularly sexist, he's just a wanker.
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Prompted by a Fandom Secret argument in which apparently a load of Final Fantasy fans hate Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8.
It makes me roll my eyes when people get so het up about video game characters. With a few exceptions most video game characters are completely two dimensional. Most of the emphasis is on gameplay, graphics and story. Characterisation in most cases is secondary.
I'll accept that since the Final Fantasy games are more story led than most video games their characters do have a little more depth. But also I have to point out that EVERY Final Fantasy game since FF6 up until FF12 has formulaic characters. Particularly the female characters. In EVERY game since FF6 up until FF12 the playable female character types are thus:

1. Lead Female: The Princess Type/Sweet-but-just-feisty-enough-to-not-quite-be-a-doormat/Love Interest/Willing to Sacrifice Herself To Save The World/Gets Kidnapped Or Needs To Be Rescued/Tends to wear more Clothing/Is the Last of Her Kind or Something Special to do with Magic:
FF6: Terra
FF7 Aeris
FF8 Rinoa
FF9 Dagger
FF10 Yuna
FF10-2 Yuna

2. The Tough Chick: Not As Emotional/Misunderstood/Usually Dresses Sexily/A Little Cold-but-still-compassionate-so-the-boys-still-fancy-her:
FF6: Celes
FF7 Tifa
FF8 Quistis
FF9 Freya
FF10 Lulu
FF10-2 Paine

3. The Cute One: Hyperactive/Younger/Irritating/Cocky-but-not too-much-or-the-boys-won't-fancy-her/Optimistic/Childish
FF6: Relm
FF7 Yuffie
FF8 Selphie
FF9 Eiko
FF10 Rikku
FF10-2 Rikku

FF12 only just fails to fall into this because while Penelo is blatantly the Cute/Optimistic one and Fran the Tough/Sexy one, Ashe the Princess is a little more hardcore than the other characters in category one. She's an Actual Princess and Tough Chick combined being a competent soldier, unlike Rinoa.
FF13 for all it's faults, turns the formula on it's head by having Lightening as the main character instead of a man. The Lead Female becomes The Main Character and a soldier instead of a princessy type. She has general Tough Chick personality. Vanille is The Cute Irritating One but again there's Fang as another Tough Chick.

So anyway, Rinoa in the context of the other 5 popular FF games, 6,7,8,9 and 10. I don't actually get why she is hated so much more than Dagger. Yeah she needs rescuing. But so do Terra, Aeris, Dagger and Yuna.
She's a rich kid - Yeah, so are Dagger and Ashe. Dagger and Ashe are Royalty and it shows.
Apparently she is spoilt and rude - True. But Dagger also has these moments, even if Rinoa's stand out more to some people. Being rich kid princessy types, it actually makes them more believable than it would if they were SO NICE to everyone like Yuna and Aeris. Being rich kid princessy only child types I'd actually find it hard to believe if they weren't spoilt and a bit rude. Also, NEGATIVE CHARACTER TRAITS are usually a good thing when creating a beautiful perfect girl character. Stops them being too fucking bland.
Her Rebel Group are full of fail - That may be. But she's a rich kid princessy type that bothers to actually set up a Rebel faction to fight for what she believes in. I think that says a lot about her personality even if her plans aren't that great.
She's mean to Squall that one time - Oh fuck off. He's a big boy, I'm sure he can handle one immature argument from a spoilt rich girl.
She was Ultimacia the Evil Sorceress - Uh no. She got taken over by her.  I'm pretty sure that wasn't her fault.
She's gullible - No more than Dagger. Or Terra. Even Yuna to a degree. She has a reason to be gullible. Unlike the other five characters in FF8 Rinoa wasn't trained as a soldier at school so will be the one that makes mistakes and is crap at soldier stuff.

Personally I always found Dagger more annoying. She never tried to give her life to save the world like Yuna and Aeris. She didn't start a rebel faction because she believed in something like Rinoa. Dagger spent a good part of the game moping about and being sad about the death of her evil mum, spoiling battles by being unable to fucking cast spells when I needed her to and generally just being a dull whiner.  Dagger ran off with Zidane because she wanted to find her Uncle to advise her about her mum, which is fair enough but not as interesting as founding a rebel faction of freedom fighters. That said Dagger played her part in the game and contributed to the story in her own boring way. No point in hating on her. She had a few good points, I think. Female Final Fantasy characters are hardly the well rounded female icons some people want them to be.

And lets not forget. Due to the two dimensionality of video game characters. And particularly since FF's 6,7, 8, and 9 don't have any voice acting, only text in speech bubbles. It's very easy to project a personality onto a character. It's easy to misinterpret the intention of a character in a videogame when there is little body language and no tone of voice with just a little collection of polygons to represent her.

That said. I don't really give a damn about Rinoa. Selphie was my fave girl in FF8. She was weak as fuck physically but she had NUNCHUCKS.

What it boils down to is this. Rinoa, Dagger, and all characters like them, suck.
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A lot of people seem to think Nikki's attitude is out of order and that she's an unnecessarily horrible 'bitch'. I can't actually get my head around this. It's like they don't actually think about what has happened to the girl.

1. Nikki had a fatal heart condition and was incredibly ill and was close to dying.
2. Five teenagers broke into her flat, went through her stuff, and one of them shit in her bed and wiped his arse on her pyjamas.
3. She got a new heart. Which then teleported her on top of a dead body in a morgue or wherever.
4. I noticed that we haven't seen her friends and/or family. She's alone in her flat, seriously ill, on oxygen etc. She's alone in the hospital after major heart surgery, no visitors. Obviously scared.
5. After (understandably) assuming Curtis had stood her up she teleports to him, only to be caught by a psycho with a gun and chained up in the air.
I wouldn't be a sweet cheery person either. But it doesn't matter to fangirls because she was- 'mean to Curtis boo hoo so is such a bitch'.

AND. Jessica in last nights episode. I thought she was a sweet character. A good character to make a shy character like Simon who lacks confidence with girls comfortable. Particularly when it comes to first time sex. And also unconventionally pretty. I thought she was cute.
Fangirls are all - 'OMFGBBQ How dare she be Simon's first and not Alisha!?!?! Jessica was so ugly why they call her cute when she ugly. bitch! etc etc'

And the amount of people appalled by the what the fuckery of the gorilla thing. A lot of people were also appalled by the what the fuckery of the peanut allergy thing a few eps ago. I don't get it. MISFITS IS ALL ABOUT WHAT THE FUCKERY. THAT'S WHY I LIKE IT! Don't be appalled be fucking AMUSED.

And then, once over the what the fuckery, feel sad. Because for all it's WTF-ness I though that shit with the Gorilla at the end was heartbreakingly tragic. Just like after the what the fuckery of the old woman in series one, I still cried my fucking eyes out at the end.

The Misfit fandom should be proud. It's the first fandom I've been interested in that's prompted a need for a 'fucking fangirls' tag in my journal.
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I'm kind of baffled by a large element of the Misfits fandom. It's bewildering me that all of a sudden after a hunky future-Simon shows up fangirls are suddenly squeeing all over the place about how lovely he is.  Everyone seems to have completely forgotten that in series one he:
1. Stuck his hand up a semi-unconscious Kelly's skirt.
2. Spied on the girls while they were getting changed. And sniffed them.
3. Stalked the second probation worker, Sally, by actually going into her house while he was invisible and watched her eat, get undressed and even filmed her sleeping.
4. Sure he accidentally killed Sally (I'm not including that since it was an accident and Kelly killed the first one), but then he munched pizza while gazing at her propped up dead frozen body in a way that was decidedly creepy.

Sure you could put a lot of that down to him being a horny young male. And a lonely and socially inept one at that. Fine. BUT, call me uptight, but I would not easily forget that creepy moment he stuck his hand up Kelly's skirt when she was alone and vulnerable. The contrast between Simon doing that and Curtis giving her his jacket kind of says it all.

Also, I'm not including it since it's his own private fantasy and we've all got them. But when Alisha used her 'power' he did say he wanted to 'rip off her clothes and piss on her tits'. Which is just ugh. And the armpit thing. When future-Simon and Alisha were getting it on all I could think was "Fucking hell, I hope he doesn't piss on her tits, that'll really spoil the mood." It sort of spoiled any romance for me. Even if it does appear genuine on the surface.

And on top of all this:
5. I don't like the way future Simon manipulated Alisha into the romance by claiming that they fall in love. There's only his word on that. If he even is Simon anyway. Her 'power' has been a curse, she finds someone she can safely touch she's going to love that and he's taken advantage of that too.

That said. I like Simon. He's a good character, like all of them. XD I just hate the way the fangirls are all "Ohhh Simon's so SWEET and WONDERFUL." Seriously? What? I adore every one of these characters, but they're no fucking angels. They have massive flaws and Simon is no exception. No one was saying he was SO SWEET when he was being a creepy little bastard.

/end rant
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Thought Bubble Festival Leeds was a really fun comic convention. I’ve only ever been to two before, the Con in Birmingham. I went to the Birmingham International one about three or four years ago. And a manga/anime one in Leicester, Alcon, about two years ago. Both were enjoyable but I didn’t feel the same way as I have after leaving Thought Bubble. I didn’t want Thought Bubble to end and I can’t wait until next years, while I had no interest in returning to the Birmingham Con or Alcon. Thought Bubble is smaller than the Birmingham Int. and London Expo but still fairly big. What was so brilliant about it was all the small press. It was amazing. It was so friendly and while there were tables owned by specialist comic shops that sold the usual manga and Marvel and DC, most of the tables were small press stuff. It was SO FRIENDLY. I met some brilliant people and spent a fortune on comics. Some of which I’m going to mention in my journal as I read through them and pick out the best ones I bought. Everything I bought was small press or small publishing companies. The quality and talent on display was wow... I was flabbergasted for want of a better word. There are some amazing creators in the UK.
I know it sounds twee but there was quite a 'family astmosphere'. I'm usually shy and a little afraid to approach people but I didn't feel that way at all, for once. Everyone was so encouraging and sharing of ideas, techniques, giving suggestions on how to make comics/advertise/print. Next year I’m hoping to book a table myself, provided I get enough stuff together.
I had so much fun I even forgot to go to the first panel I had my eye on.

The first artist I’ll mention is Elena Barbarich who I met on the conference days I mentioned in my last journal entry. I only spoke to her briefly, but she gave me a card for her website. I meant to check out her table on Saturday but I went to the bank to get more money and then was distracted and didn’t go back and I’ve been kicking myself ever since. I would have liked to buy one of her books. But her comic ‘Sister Claire: Pregnant Nun, Holy Crap!’ is online. www.sisterclaire.com/comic/chapter-1-comic/coming-soon/ Yay! And it’s brilliant and I recommend you take a look.
Don’t be misled by the cute Powerpuff Girls influenced style. It’s funny and kicks arse. Um… just like the Powerpuff  Girls. But really. It’s very good!

Couple of images from Sister Claire behind here. :) )
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While at work the other day, and working incredibly hard I might add, I stumbled across this 'story' in one of the service users magazines. The magazine in question is aimed at little girls (service user is 29 but I'm not going into the whole 'age appropriate' issue. She wanted it. She bought it with her own money. End of.) and is called 'I ♥ Ponies'. It's pretty crap, even if you like ponies. Very little effort has been put into this magazine. For example, when I was a child some of the girls mags/comics had a 'find the picture within the picture' game. It was usually an illustration with the hidden pictures cleverly integrated into it. A shell might be hidden in the curl of someones hair or something like that. However, 'I ♥ Ponies' has a big photograph of a girl and her pony show jumping, then it invites the child to find the 'hidden pictures'. These 'hidden' pictures are smaller photos of red double decker buses and penguins with guitars (seriously) )randomly pasted in the sky, or on the floor. I feel the people working on the magazine are a little bitter that they're stuck with 'I ♥ Ponies' and wish they were working for 'Cosmopolitan' or something.

Anyway, that aside, it has a two page comic starring the magazines flagship character 'Sparkle The Pony'. On first read it was just a crap and pointless story and like the whole of the magazine designed as filler.  On my second read through it was still a crap and pointless story only with a bit of a sinister edge.

Fig. 1: The first page of 'Sparkle and Friends in… The Ice Cave!' )

Apart from the ugly illustrations there's not really much to worry about on the first page. The ponies are bored and their 'friend' Mr Tiggles invites them to come to an underground ice cave and eat ice lollies. Very sweet and cute of him. However the last panel hints at the horror of things to come when Mr Tiggles tells the ponies that the slide is the only way to get in. Sparkle comments that it looks scary, but her fears are dismissed by Mr Tiggles with a confidence crushing "Nonsense!"
Things take a grim turn in the second half:

Fig. 2: Page 2 of 'Sparkle and Friends in… The Ice Cave!' )

We see the two ponies and Mr Tiggles recklessly sliding down the slippery icy tunnel to get to the Underground Ice Cave. This tunnel is the only way out and our heroines Sparkle and Buttons are not only extraordinarily stupid, a characteristic Mr Tiggles exploits to the fullest for his sadistic pleasure, they also have hooves. I've seen horses slip on muddy concrete so how the hell are they going to get back up that steep ice slide? Simple. They aren't. They will try and they will fail as their hooves are unable to gain any traction while they attempt to walk back up that slick slope. There may also be a couple of broken legs. We all know what happens to lame horses. So unless the ruthless Mr Tiggles goes for help Sparkle and Buttons are trapped forever.
The ponies aren't aware of this yet, due to their idiocy and greedy focus on obtaining Ceiling Lollies. However they are soon shocked to discover that the tasty ice lollies in question are actually icicles.

Mr Tiggles then rolls over with mirth and cackles evilly: "You ponies never learn, do you!" All that is missing is a 'BWAH HAHAHAHAHA! Enjoy your frozen deaths, imbeciles!'
This story is never resolved. That is it. We're left with Buttons and Sparkle trapped in the Underground Ice Cave sans ice lollies. With only the intense cold and the steady realisation that the two of them are thick as pigshit.

Meanwhile I imagine Mr Tiggles pads off gleefully and climbs out of the frozen grave with his useful cat claws and searches for his next pony victim. I know for a fact there's another one called Sunbeam because she came free on the cover.
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Dear me,
Remember when you were going to start using Dreamwidth and cross post to LJ? What the hell happened?
With love,
Me x
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Dear Bleach,

I've been holding on so long. Clinging by my fingernails, but I think I may have to finally stop reading you. The fighting by numbers used to grate, then chafe and now scores deep incisions. How many more times must Ichigo fight some inner weirdo to constantly grow stronger. How many shikai, bankai, super duper uber bankai's can one guy have?
How many more beautifully designed characters that start out so interesting and promising will all of a sudden face a brick wall in personality development and then be reduced to canon fodder?
How often will amusing characters with funny and eccentric personalities suddenly become nothing but frightened damsels in distress?
Bleach, I'm bored. I'm really really bored.
I understand you're simply shonen battle manga and that I shouldn't be expecting much, but 1. you started out so well and 2. kids aren't stupid. It doesn't have to be this way!
Also, the machismo. Jeez. Okay. I get it. Big tough dude is tough. So is that one. And that one. And that one. I get it. But I'm choking on testosterone here. There's so much surrounding me I think I might be growing a beard. And this is coming from a girl who likes to play video games and spent the first twenty six years of her life reading superhero comics. It's not like I'm a stranger to a bit of machismo. Just give it a rest. I GET IT. Isshin shows fatherly love for Ichigo by insulting him and smashing his face in at every opportunity. Yes, very tough. Very hard. Very manly. But you're making me hate Isshin, a character I used to adore.

One last request before I go. Plot? Please?
I might check back in a month or two, but don't hold your breath.

Love Loolaa

Bleach 404

May. 23rd, 2010 12:32 pm
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I abandoned writing Bleach journal entries for a while simply because of the sheer let down of the recent chapters. Moments that should have been epic such as the long awaited return of both Urahara and Yoruichi respectively were majorly disappointing.
However, I liked this chapter so it gets a journal entry.

My leg, you mean? )
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I watched some old episodes for 5th doctor icons and had to cap this. Even when I'm somehow able to bypass the over the top acting and the overly staged direction, the ancient special effects are horribly jarring and I end up chuckling at what should be life threatening moments for the Doctor and his companions. And somehow the 80's effects are sillier than the 60's effects.


Hasn't stopped me from watching though. XD
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories came in the post today. It was originally made for the Wii which I don't have so I've got the PS2 port. I'm sure all the grabby stuff and waving torch around stuff is a lot of fun on the Wii. It's a remake 're-imagining' of Silent Hill (1). So it involves Harry looking for his little girl, Cheryl.
It's okay so far. I'm still fairly early on. I preferred the early stages of SH:Homecoming. Not much creepy has happened yet. I've captured a few mildly creepy things on Harry's mobile, but nothing that has sent chills down me like all the other games. And the atmosphere isn't creepy so far either.
I'm a bit bewildered by this SH otherworld being ice. I'm assuming it's plot related, but I don't know why yet. It's nowhere near as scary as the blood and rust otherworld of the other SH's.
In Shattered Memories you can't fight the creatures that come out to attack you. You have to shake them off and run. Right now they are currently irritating more than scaring me. In the other SH's when I'm attacked I get really involved and I'm all 'ohno!ohno!ohno!'  I've just walked away from it because I'm finding the whole thing really annoying. I'm running away and getting lost and wishing I could just beat the shit out of them with a crowbar.  But I can't I have to run. And avoid them. And find my way out. *sigh*
I get it's survival horror, running away is an appropriate thing to do in SH when the protagonist is some ordinary Joe. But this is really annoying me. The combat of SH: Homecoming is forgiven. I ended up enjoying that in the end. Maybe I'll end up loving this too? I dunno.

SH fans hated Homecoming and love this. So far I'm loving Homecoming more. But there are nice touches. It's nice to have the phone. It's nice that it's a bit different. At least they're trying new things.

The psychiatrist sessions are great too. I'm looking forward to seeing how those pan out.

I miss the blood and rust and chain link fences though.


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